About Us

 Welcome to Medura! We are a Canadian personal protective equipment brand focused on helping people acquire the best safety products at affordable prices. We distribute premium personal protective equipment such as wipes, gloves, masks and many others. It’s very important for us to provide equipment that’s comfortable, reliable and also very easy to use. 

With our help you get to have a safe, secure working environment. It’s extremely important to improve the worker protection, as this will lead to more efficiency and productivity. Our products stand out because not only do they use the highest quality materials, but we also bring in front the best value and results you can find on the market. Our commitment is to professionalism and attention to detail, while also offering efficient and economical protective equipment!

Our Mission

Medura’s main focus is to help everyone stay safe and away from any complications. We are firm believers that the right protective equipment can help employees stay safe and even boost their productivity. We are always focused on delivering only the very best products on the market and at a good price. Give us a try if you’re interested in high quality, top of the line PPE sources from the best manufacturers in the industry.